Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Life by Numbers

This is a bit of a lazy 'en. I basically print-screened a load of stuff off a couple of stats sites. For some reason.

It basically comes down to this - I'm very tactless open about what information and details about my life I share. I'm also oddly enigmatic about other areas of my life, so it all kinda balances out.


Relatively new, and still in beta, Twitter analyser. Like most of these sites, there's a limit to how far back it can collect data for analysis. So these details are true of, I think, my last 3,800 or so tweets. I'm currently on 5,600+, so it's not extremely representative. But nonetheless.

My tweeting activities over the course of a day

Guess when I sleep..? There's also this site - SleepingTime.org - that basically does the same: works out when you're most likely to be asleep. Technology, eh?

And over the course of a week
Apparently I'm a long weekend tweeter.
And over the course of the last month. Note the dips when I was revising (see, I was good) and the massive compensating spikes shortly after.
Most used tags cloud. Most of the most used ones are 'twitter memes'. I may have gone over the top with the zombie proverbs. The one I'm most proud of
Many hands make light snacks.
Moving on.. Other random facts:
I tweet a link every 15.3 tweets
On average, my tweets contain 11.15 words and 0.2 hash-tags
My tweets distribution - 37.7% replies, 2.77% RTs, 0.29% FFs
I interact most with: @aaangst, @abooth202, @Aerliss, @benjirino, @missgiggly, @PkmnTrainerJ, @SallyBembridge and @shinelikestars6

And here are the people who think I'm interesting/funny enough to retweet:
A lot of these people I don't know. Some surprises. And if any of you are reading, thank you :]

Another site I look at from time to time is TwitterAnalyzer. But that gives much the same information (maybe less) in a less aesthetically pleasing interface. It also seems to be borked at the moment. But there you go.

There's also this - Twitter Grader. It doesn't give anything particularly insightful, but my 'grade' is 81/100. Which is nice.

And statistics aside, I'm sure there's a lot one could get from just reading my tweets - all publicly viewable. I mean, I dread to think what a mind such as Sherlock Holmes could deduce about me from a handful of tweets. But lucky, he doesn't exist.


At some point, I decided it's be a good idea to use this site to keep track of my consumptions and sleep. I checked, and the records go back to March 15th 2010. So about 170 days' worth.

It averages at about 8 hours. I think. Check out them there dips. It's a wonder I managed to function properly!

Measured in servings. Yeah, I drink a lot of tea :p In fact, over the last 41 days,
It averages about 3.5 cups a day. Oh, and just ignore the whiskey count, eh? ;)

If you're really that interested (weirdo), you can find all these stats here.

I'm sure if I were into exercising of any sort or trying to lose weight (if I needed to) or anything like that, I'd be tracking that too. But as it is, I'm not. So there isn't really anywhere you can find that sort of thing without outright asking me.

Or since I'm feeling generous - approximately.


The location-based 'game' that also doubles as a nifty way to stalk* keep track of where I am or have been, with varying degrees of certainty - For example, it says I'm in Brampton right now (last place I checked-in) when I'm really in Wath.

You can find actual stats here. Some 'interesting' ones:
I check in most on Fridays and on Saturdays [but mostly on the latter days]
I visit Parkgate - Costa Coffee most often (~3x a week).
On average, I check-in 3.3 times while out
I'm currently Mayor of 14 places, of which four are coffee shops**

So one of the sites that's good for plotting FourSquare check-ins on a map is "WeePlaces" - which, unfortunately, is also being a worthless piece of crap right now. Just my luck :/

So. Until I start tracking everything I watch on TV, every film I watch, every book I read and anything else that it would be sane to record - you'll just have to go without knowing. Or ask, if you're that desperate.

And for your last random fact - my 3 most listened to artists are Pink Floyd, Tool and Karnivool.

Rock on.


*For the life of me, I can't imagine why anyone would want to stalk me. But you never know.
** ..And I will also happily do weddings (Y)

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