Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Some Random Infographics

This is just a collection, as the title suggests, of random 'infographics' that I'm made at some point or other, that don't warrant blogs on their own. Enjoy.

The X-Factor Volcano

Using TwitScoop I got this graph of tweet volume for last Saturday (times are approximate)
The show starts at 7:45, around that dip before the main 'mountain'. And probably ends around the back end of that

Would you..?

This was mostly just playing with a type of graph on ManyEyes - graphing (some of) the lyrics of Hero by Enrique Igelsias

Student Loans (So Far)

This basically graphs what I owe already, from two years of university study
The big dark blue are tuition fees; the light blue, maintenance loans. And the little, medium blue circles - interest!

Total? Nearly £15,000! Joy.

Write Her a Song

I got a list from some website, of songs about girls (where a first name is explicitly given). I counted occurrences of names and made this word cloud of popular names
So Mary, Jane, Maria, Jenny and Sally are most popular names.

Obviously, this isn't comprehensive, since I only used a relatively small sample of songs. But you get the idea.

The Big Bang

My favourite. And this is the Doctor Who episode we're talking about (season 5 finale).

Basically, I plotted out the character's timelines (a la XKCD), using a website I can't seem to find, in an attempt to make the plot clearer. It didn't turn out exactly as I wanted because the web-app had a mind of it's own. But I'm still happy with it.
(click to enlarge)

And that's you lot. Til next time,


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