Sunday, December 12, 2010

Facebook Friends

They look something like this
There's 167 of them - a little over Dunbar's number, for what it's worth - shaded by number connections. And you've got this massive clump at the bottom and the rest more spread out. And you can split them into 3 major groups,
with everyone else just sort of scattered. The groups are only approximates, by the way; there's overlaps, outliers, omitted nodes, etc. I didn't include the name labels for clarity.

Or you can lay it out in a more circular way,
and again, you can see those same, vague groupings.

So that's all pretty and such.

Want You Own Graph?

1) Go to Facebook, and run the app netvizzz
2) Click "Create a gdf file from your personal network" and download
3) Download, install and run Gephi
4) Import your gdf file, play with layout, colour setting, whatever.
5) ???

Fairly straight-forward.

And as a side note, I wish I'd known about this program sooner. Then, I wouldn't have had to work out PageRanks by hand.


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Thiago said...

I'll try to do that and then I'll post it at facebook.