Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Designing for Free

First of all, you've probably noticed the new logo. Unless you're reading this in an RSS reader. If you are, go to the blog and gaze into it's logo-y goodness.

See what I did there? I totally earned that A in GCSE Design Graphics.

I like it, at any rate.

The actual title came from when the blog was still called 'Oatzy's Blog'. Which was a terrible title, but I couldn't for the life of me think of anything better. But I did have a subtitle idea - "Answering the questions no-one asked". In the end, I just thought "fuck it", and went with that.

If you were wondering about the orange, it's a kind of throwback from the website I made (no longer online) for our 'Young Enterprise' thing in sixth form - our company was called 'Purple Oranges'. But that's a whole other story.
[we made beanbag chairs]

Aside from that, I've been 'hired' to make the website for Dearne Valley Swimming Club, which my mum and little sister are involved in.
[I also re-drew and vectorised their logo at no extra cost]

Now, according to this flowchart, seeing as it's for my mum, I should work for free. Not that I've ever charged for building a website.
[no longer his]

But I have been 'paid' this time, with a bottle of rum. And frankly I'm content with that.

And if I'm honest, I enjoy doing it anyway.

Or I did; We're past the interesting part, and it's all just adding content now. Which is dull.

Here is the link. There's only an under-construction page there at the moment, and I doubt you'd be interested anyway, but with each link I post to it, the page's search rank will get incrementally better - it's currently on page 3, with the old, no-longer-functioning site dominating the first page of results.

In fact, if you're interested, you can see the work in progress design here, or just look at the image below
[edit] - the site is now complete.

I'm not completely content with it, if I'm honest. I think I've laid it out a little too much like a blog, among other thing. But it might just be that I've been looking at it for too long. The important thing it, the people I'm making it for seem to approve. So can't complain.

That said, if you have any suggestions, constructive criticism or flattery, do feel free to offer it up.


[I also made a Twitter account for them.]

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