Friday, February 04, 2011

T-Shirt Calendar

When I was putting together the Life by Numbers blog, I was thinking about other things I could track, without the tracking thing becoming too intrusive.

First couple of things I did was signing up for miso to track TV and film viewing habits, as well as RunKeeper to track my movements on foot (which wouldn't be logged with FourSquare). So far, RunKeeper - or perhaps just my phone's GPS - have been a bit of a disappointment. But that's a whole other story.

The other thing I did was to take a picture a day of myself. I had nothing in mind specifically to do with the pictures, but thought why not?

The obvious use is to do one of those time-lapse, slideshow thing. But those are dime-a-dozen. And besides that, the pictures aren't all head on and centred, so you wouldn't really get the same effect.


Instead, I thought about what was actually in the pictures - what could be gleaned from them.

First things that come to mind are (a) when I shave, and (b) when I get my haircut. And they're things I might come back to once I have more than a months worth of pictures; I don't shave that often.

So the only other thing is what I'm wearing.
The above is a sort of calendar - Sunday 2nd of January to Friday 3rd of February - where each square is coloured to match (as closely as possible) the primary colour of the t-shirt I wore on that day.

The last square's crossed out because I haven't decided yet what t-shirt I'm going to wear tomorrow.
[edit] - I wore a green t-shirt.

There's not really much logic to it, beside that when I pick a t-shirt I don't pick one I can remember wearing within the last week. Yes, I have several green t-shirts.

Otherwise, it mostly just looks like Elmer the Elephant. But it is an interesting way of represent the dataset, even if it serves no useful purpose other than to suggest that green might be my favourite colour.


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