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Life by Numbers: End of Year Report


Age: 21
DOB: 18/01/89
Height: 6ft 2.5
Weight: 11st 10
BMI: 20.8

Lifestyle & Money

Average night's sleep: 8hrs 34
Typically asleep between 2:30am and 11am
Minimum sleep duration: 5.5hrs
Maximum: 11hrs

Job interviews: 1
Jobs: 0
Job Seeker's Allowance received: £1,660.88

Major expenditures:
Acer Aspire 5542 - £430
HTC Desire - £150 up front (+ £20/month)
Two nights at Hotel 53 (Valentines weekend) - £264

Monthly subscriptions, Jan 2010: £49.99
Current monthly subscriptions: £33.98

Total spend on - £231.77

Overdrawn: 3 times
Maximum: -£17.52

Net change in bank balance*: -£59.24
Net worth as of 31/12/10: £715.87

Dog walks: 1
Visits to the gym: 2
1 new pair of Adidas trainers; Used twice.
1 new pair of Converse, black.


Most listened to artist: Pink Floyd
Most listened to song: Change by Karnivool
Most listened to album: Sound Awake by Karnivool

Books read cover to cover: 4
* Chuck Palahniuk - Survivor
* Chuck Palahniuk - Snuff
* Richard Bach - Illusions
* Neil F. Johnson - Simple Complexity

Books started but not finished: 7
Graphic novels read: ~12

Films seen at the cinema: 3
* The Lovely Bones
* Inception
* Scott Pilgrim vs The World

2010 released films seen: 6

Films rented (LoveFilm): 10

Words written for NaNoWriMo: 28,369
Percent to target: 56.7%

Games bought: 2
* Pokémon SoulSilver
* Professor Layton and the Lost Future

Food and Drink

Average cups of tea per day: 3.35
Percent of all drinks that are tea: 53.5%

Percent of all drinks that are alcoholic: 19.7%
Approximate average units per week: 13*

Favourite alcoholic drink: Whiskey (bourbon)
As percent of all alcoholic drinks: 52%

Second most drank: Wine (21%)

Most frequently eaten animals*:
1 - Cow
2 - Chicken
3 - Pig

Favourite meals:
1 - Ham and Cheese Sandwich (4.25 a week)
2 - Bolognese (1 every 8 days)
3 - Mixed Kebab & Chips (1 every ~9 days)

Favourite Snack: Ice Cream
Average bowls per week: 2.65

Beer festivals: 1
Visits to Cadbury Land: 1

Travel & FourSquare

Current Mayorships: 16
Badges: 15

Percent of days checked-in on: 58.7%
Average number of 'days out' per week: 4
Average check-ins per 'day out' - 3.68

Most frequently visited venue: Costa Coffee (Parkgate)
Check-ins per week: 1.6

Most frequently visited franchise: Costa Coffee
Days out that include visiting a Costa: ~67%

Check-in locations (via 4mapper):
Local (red spot=home)

Long distance train journeys: 7
4 x Birmingham
2 x York
1 x Loughborough
Total cost: £127.25

Vintage train events visited: 2
Vintage train magazines appeared in*: several, unwittingly


Total tweets (as of 31/12/10): 9091
Days online: 608
Average life-time tweet rate: 15 tweets/day
Average tweet rate over 2010: 30.5 tweets/day
Most tweets in a single day: 93 (on 08/09/10)

Composition of tweets:
34.3% Replies
5.46% RTs
0.35% #FF

Average tweet distribution over 1 day:
New friends*: 28
Total foll/followers (as of 31/12/10): 57/120

Most talked to friends:
@aaangst (3.69)
@PkmnTrainerJ (3.04)
@SallyBembridge (3.01)
@Shinelikestars_ (2.26)
@Aerliss (1)

Replies to the above 5 made up 27% of all my tweets; 79% of all replies.

Tweets retweeted: ~1 in 26
Equivalent RTs per day: 1.17


* Net change doesn't take into account cash and savings. Net worth does.
* based on an assumed average of 1.5 units per serving. Recomended maximum intake: 21 units/week.
* based on which animal the main meat constituent (of a meal) came from.
* no, I don't know which publications precisely.
* 'friends' here defined as a mutual follow. Though I would consider most of them friends, to varying degrees.

You can compare these numbers with those from August 31st here.

Further stats on individual websites below. Due to various reasons there are limits on what data I actually have. So it's worth pointing out that following websites only cover the last -% of the year,

Daytum - 80%
FourSquare - 74%
Twitter (Twoolr) - 66%

Though the interesting thing about Twitter is that while the data I've got only covers 40% of my total time on Twitter, it covers 81% of my total tweets!

Secondly, some of the details (datum in particular) is loose estimates - things are measured in 'serving' and imprecisely at that. FourSquare only logs places where I can and have checked-in - people's houses, or places not on FourSquare aren't logged.

There are also things I didn't/couldn't track, which I might consider in future. For example local trains and buses I don't get tickets for because I travel for free. DVDs, I can remember which I've bought this year, and films I can't remember precisely what I've seen. Cash transactions I didn't track. And so on.

The question is ultimately whether I care enough about having the record to bother to put in the extra effort. That remains to be seen. It's a very fine balance between detail and sanity.


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