Saturday, February 18, 2012

Funny Story

So there's four of us at the pub, and we're playing the one word game. And we decide that, since this is the future, we should play a marathon game, via Twitter (complete with hashtag, #OneWordGame).

The One Word Game is where a group of people attempt to collectively tell a story, one word at a time. (Also known as Word at a Time Story).

At this point, we've been playing for about two weeks.

So what's our story? Before that, lets play a game.

Below are two 'stories' - one of them is our word-at-a-time story, the other has been randomly generated (using Markov text generation).

Which is which?

When the wizard was masturbating upon a picture of your face which is ugly he said that a giant octopus with swashbuckling offspring however walrus munched on his wardrobe handles while reciting to Steve the only one who played the harmonica case under his umpalumpa cheese tasted spectacular when dipped in French wine and peanut butter making apples with a slightly tangy bumhole that had smelly teeth and pickled onions with slices of cherry on toast. Suddenly a massive caterpillar spawned from a seed which smells of turnip. When select acorns they exploded penises all turned into a

There was no further sound other than the soft tinkle of water. But in the middle of the surface area were encrusted with hard-caked earth but the girl who was confined them to perpetual darkness. This time there would be a very narrow neck extending about an inch above the rest. Could be worth a try I think he changes his name from time to time. Since it was meant to support an entire career However I

The correct answer is, ours is the first one - probably evident from the vulgar language.

As for the second one; I've discussed Markov generators before. In the simplest case, they work by randomly picking words based on how likely they are to follow the preceding word. This particular example was generated from the first four chapters of Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency (Douglas Adams) using this site.

How does this relate to our game?

Well, the game was spread out over such a period of time that, usually, I'd forgotten the story much beyond the previous few words. So, I was picking my words based on what seemed like a coherent continuation to those few. Not unlike a Markov generator.

And, you have to admit, the two make about as much sense as each other.

At any rate, the game is still on-going..


[What? I never claim our story was funny..]

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